Valentine’s Day With No Partner?


Alicia Newby, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is thought to be the day that you’re supposed to spend with your soulmate; this causes some people to think that they need to date someone in order to be happy.

I have some friends that are single and some constantly say, “I need a boyfriend.” I always reassure them saying that they do not need one but they always hit back by saying, “you just don’t understand.”

It’s really hard for me to understand because in my eyes, no one needs a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

“I want a boyfriend to take cute Instagram pictures and go shopping with.” said junior, Juanya Williams. “I also want a support system.”

Girls aren’t the only ones craving a partner, guys do too.

“I only tell myself I need a girlfriend when it’s late at night and I’m bored out of my mind,” said senior Gamji Germain. “Or when my friends talk about their girlfriends.”

The vibe I am getting from this is that some people may want a girlfriend or a boyfriend just because of their friends. Wanting a significant other due to your friends may sound bad but it is not too far fetched.

Tagging along with a couple is already awkward, but it’s also a reminder that you don’t have a partner.

“The only time I say that I need a boyfriend is when I want someone to talk to [at night] when I am alone,” said senior, Vanessa Julien. “I also want someone I can rely on, or complain about my friends to.”

That is understandable because at night when you’re bored, not that tired, and just need some entertainment, a partner can come in handy.

“The closeness of being in a relationship is good, and you really get to know the person you are with,” said junior Erica Rein.

Overall, I have gained some insight on why people say that they need a significant other.

Even though you think you may need that special person, you can gain that same sense of closeness with friends.

Friends can be your support system and be there for you at all times, you can call them at night when you are bored out of your mind, and believe it or not, you can go shopping with them and take cute pictures. So for this Valentine’s Day, rather than sulking over the fact that you do not have a partner to spend it with, focus on your friends and have a good time.

And if you’re still down in the dumps over being single, just remember that chocolate gets discounted after February 14th.