The Impact of Twitter

The Impact of Twitter

Marie Bobb, Staff Writer

We are all aware of the fact that social media has a huge impact on the way teens view themselves and life in general, and Twitter has proved that more than ever.

Twitter is known for spreading trends and information quite fast. On May 10th, Twitter blew up with nothing but positivity. All different types of hashtags were created in order to encourage different heights, weights, and skin tones. The first tag I witnessed was the #tallgirltwitter, which was basically a bunch of girls who were above average height posting pictures of themselves and being highly praised. This tag actually affected me greatly because my whole middle school year I was known as the “skinny tall” girl, and getting a chance to embrace that is truly amazing.

“I absolutely loved this,” said Samantha Turan, 11th grade. “It gave me a chance to appreciate my height.”

The tags slowly began to grow and changed into hashtags like #shortgirltwitter and #bigguytwitter, which praised those type of people as well. Seeing majority of Twitter get together and praise one another was beautiful. It really shows the impact of social media and the way it makes people feel about themselves.

Many people were stating that before this specific day, they were extremely insecure about the quality that they were being appreciated for. It was amazing to watch all these different type of people step out of their comfort zone and value their bodies the way that they should.

Social media, in general, affects the way people view themselves; Sadly, it is mostly negatively. Many social media accounts treasure only one type of person, but by creating these different tags, it gave all those silenced voices a chance to shine and feel as though they were worth something.