Jessa Lopez, Staff Writer

Donald Trump’s disturbing comments in a video with Billy Bush paved the way for millions of women to share their sexual assault stories on Twitter. The hashtag #notokay was used by Kelly Oxford, a bestselling author, as she challenged people to share their own sexual assault experiences. She tweeted “Women: tweet me your first assaults. they aren’t just stats. I’ll go first: Old man on city bus grabs my [explicit] and smiles at me, I’m 12.” After her bold confession last Friday, ten million others tweeted their painful memories. This movement highlights rape culture in our society and it has to stop.

Women are calling out men to read their tweets carefully and to see that rape culture is not okay. They also expressed in their tweets the need for people to realize that this is an actual issue in our society and for them to blame it on the victim when it happened is not okay.

Men on Twitter are also expressing their opinions regarding these harrowing experiences for women. Many give their respects to those confessing such traumatic experiences, and men are encouraging other men to protect the women in their lives. One man Tweeted that as a father of two boys, he will take it upon himself to teach his kids to respect women and calls out other parents to educate their own children as well.

This empowering movement started by Oxford is giving power to women who are too afraid to speak of their own experiences. It gives them a chance to spread awareness and gives them a voice in a society which they didn’t get before. This movement, which was referred as a “distraction” from the other issues in our country by Trump, is an actual issue and is prevalent here in our country. Sexual assault on women, men, and children should stop right now. Our society needs re-educating, and hopefully everyone will stand up against this and protect people we love and people around us.