Why Having a December Birthday is the Worst


Savannah Devericks, Staff Writer

Being born on December 30th was probably the worst decision of my life.

Having a birthday in December is always upstaged by Christmas and New Years, especially when your birthday is sandwiched between the both of them. It’s hard to plan any special birthday events because all of your friends are with their families and getting ready to celebrate the holidays.

Also, every one is broke after Christmas, so all of your friends and family just combine your birthday and Christmas presents. The worst thing you can do to any December baby is wrap their birthday presents in Christmas wrapping paper. You wouldn’t wrap an August baby’s birthday present in Christmas wrapping paper.

Unfortunately, December Babies have no celebrations to look forward to in the beginning of the year. There is an explosion of celebrations all at once and then nothing for the rest of the year. All December babies should just celebrate their half birthdays in June.

If you have a friend who has a birthday in December, be extra nice to them this time of the year. Most importantly remember do no, and I repeat do not wrap their birthday presents in Christmas paper.