Are Car Mats the New Cotton?

Are Car Mats the New Cotton?

Faith Beaubrun , Fashion Editor

The fashion house of Balenciaga released their 2018 Fall Ready-to-Wear collection and car mats made a debut in the form of a skirt. The French fashion house’s “Car Design Skirt” as its so ironically named retails for $2,495 and is almost sold out online with only size 36 left.

The skirt is described as a “structured leather skirt” and broke the internet for its peculiar design that looks like it can be found on the floor of anyone’s car. However, the asymmetrical skirt is not an actual mat but “textured leather”  with “structured rigid detail” made of lambskin and Viscose.

The skirt is styled nicely online and is paired with a burgundy reverse turtle neck and thigh high stocking boots, all apart of the new collection. The styling does complement the skirt and showcases it as the main feature of the outfit. Also, the model is holding a clutch purse that resembles a side-veiw mirror and further pushes the “automobile” feel of the outfit.














Its clear that Balenciaga is pushing the enveople with these designs because they want people talking-and they sure are. This is not the first Balenciaga item to gain so much attention this year, with their most popular shoe the speed trainer (retailing for $700) selling out after being seen on countless celebrity. The question is: what celeb is brave enough to sport this textured shirt remaneist of the dirt shield found on your car floor?