Three Best Jobs Hiring Teens


Nick Lopez, Staff Writer

As teens begin to drive, hang with friends, and take on their own financial responsibilities a job is a must. Here are the three best jobs hiring teens. Keep in mind that these jobs are only starting pay for teens and will likely mean you will start at the Florida State minimum wage of $8.10 which could go up or down, it varies.

Panera Bread: Panera Bread is always hiring and trying to fill vacancies at the Boynton Beach location. Most of the employees themselves are high school students and those students are constantly in and out of employment here. Students who work here often move in and out of employment because they are usually seeking a quick source of money and leave. From what other students who worked there have said, you will get a decent amount of hours there. Ashley Shell, a junior at Santaluces, commented on her work experience there saying that the only thing that was good is that she got discounts on food and the pay was decent. You will also be rewarded with a fifty percent off employee discount.

Publix: Publix has been a sought after job by those teens eager to attain a job and with good reason they flock in large numbers. Publix offers discounted merchandise to workers, if you stay long enough they help with managing cost of college, and they are ever-expanding. With it being a lucrative employer, it is a bit difficult to attain a job so it always helps to have someone who works there write you a recommendation.

McDonald’s: Yes we have all heard the phrase “go flip burgers.” In all reality it isn’t too bad of an idea, many kids in high school, including Santaluces, have held or still do hold a job at McDonald’s or similar franchises. This job is usually used as an entry level job and for most won’t be held for long, but it is great for those new to the work force or those looking to make a bit of money from minimum wage. Staying with McDonald’s could also be beneficial if you are invested in working there. Edgar Garcia, Santaluces graduate class of 2017, started working for the fast food joint at the beginning of his senior year and worked his way up to a manager position by the middle of his senior year. Although declining to say how much he makes, he will comment that it is more than he was making as an entry level position.