Dear My Beloved Oprah


Jordan Cruz, Staff Writer

You get a vote, you get a vote, you get all my votes.

I am begging you, on my knees with tears streaming from my eyes that twinkle only for you, that you carry out your words of hope. Hope and love from your followers worldwide will drive your success to reaching the Oval Office. Oprah for president. A lyrical masterpiece that runs through my mind twenty four hours of the day. We don’t deserve the wisdom and passion you carry, but I lack the ability to name one more deserving to remove the ridiculous number 45. Between Kanye West and Dwayne the Rock Johnson, Oprah is a clear favorite.

Now on a more serious note, someone, anyone, save our souls. She may not have the experience, but really is that even a factor anymore? Seriously, is anyone interviewing these people? The government is currently shut down, my shower head fell apart last night, and Donald Trump is playing golf.

Honestly, it’s all a big confusion on where the United States stands in terms of functionality. Marches and protests are rising up across the country in backlash to comments and decisions made by the one percent’s president. I wish it was all a nightmare, but when the president of my country tweets the words “fake news” 174 times as of January 23 then it becomes a big whack to my noggin.

Back to the topic of discussion, Mrs. Winfrey. Should she honestly run for president, or is the message that she’s trying to convey enough of a stand? Donald Trump is a businessman, and I will give him credit of being an extremely successful one despite shady accusations of his wrongdoings in the past. He is not and will never be qualified to run this country. From early high school, some government officials have their mind set on being President and study their whole life to achieve this. No matter what anyone can ever say to me to try and persuade me otherwise, he is not the one.

I support Oprah’s campaign to run for president one hundred percent and will be by her side every step of the day.