Trump’s Controversial Remarks


Duane Wicker, Staff Writer

Many people have their negative and positive opinions about Donald Trump and the questionable things he does (and gets away with), even Jay-Z has had something to say about his alleged recent “sh**hole” remarks towards Haiti and African Nations. Black lawmakers even peacefully protested his comments at the State of the Union Address Tuesday night.

On Thursday January 12 , 2018 President Donald Trump allegedly referred to Haiti and other African nations as “sh**hole countries” during a private White House meeting with a bipartisan group of senators.

What Trump said came from sources who where briefed on the meeting and the statement issued by the White House did not deny the remarks. Two sources say that during the conversation about Haiti Trump questioned why Haitians should be given specific consideration. “Why do we need more Haitians, take them out” he said, according to other sources. Another person in the room responded “Because if you do, it will be obvious why.”

Officials said they were shocked to hear such words come out of a President’s mouth and that his words were hate-filled.

Donald Trump has said very hateful, disgusting and disrespectful things even  before he was president. For example, when Trump said NFL owners should fire “Son of B*tch” Anthem Protesters.

Once again I’m expecting Trump supporters to somehow defend his racist remarks, by claiming that there’s no physical proof or recording or by bringing up a totally off-topic situation to hold on to their pride.

Trump has rallied against the visa lottery system repeatedly in recent months which is why it’s not hard to believe that he would actually use such insulting language. Also, he tweeted about “The Democrats” later that Thursday night.According to the democratic aid when they started to discuss immigration from Africa, Trump asked why America would want immigrants from “all these sh**hole countries” and that the U.S. should have more people from countries like Norway.

Hip-Hop icon Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter described Donald Trump’s comments as “disappointing and hurtful.” Carter said that the President’s racist comments exposed the way that people still talk behind closed doors when nobody is around.

Jay-Z replied to the tweet by explaining  that it’s not all about money and that money does not equate to happiness, while being interviewed by Van Jones on “The Van Jones Show”

“My problem with government is, I think they forget that it’s real people behind these decisions that they’re making…We’re like people going through real things in real time in real pain” Jay-Z said.

I understand what Jay-Z is saying and I agree with him. I think many politicians create legislations and laws that affect so many people, but some politicians are so disconnected from everyday citizens that have to deal with their policies and legislation.

Members of The Congressional Black Caucus wore traditional African Kente cloth to the State Of The Union Address in protest of Trumps alleged “sh**hole countries” comment. During Trump’s speech Congress Woman Alma S. Adams tweeted “African American Unemployment has been declining for a decade yet it’s still double white unemployment.”

Nobody is really surprised that this came from Trump. He’s offended so many people from every ethnicity and race that all you can do is laugh at the fact that he somehow became president and it tells you a lot about the majority of U.S citizens who voted for him.