Valentine’s Day

Jordan Foldy , Staff Writer

Whether you’re in a relationship or not Valentine’s Day, in my opinion, is a waste of time and money. The whole day is another way for stores to try and coerce money from consumers under the ploy of having to show your significant other that you care about them.

This year the U.S. is predicted to spend $18.2 billion on Valentine’s Day.┬áThat’s an average of $136 per person and that’s only for flowers and candy not even dinner. Information received from the CNBC website.

There’s also the issue that it makes people who aren’t in a relationship feel ten times worse than they did the day before because they have to look around at all the people that are in a relationship and be reminded that they are lonely, especially here at school.

It forces significant others to buy each other gifts when they already have to spend money on other useful holidays, like birthdays or Christmas.

A lot of the time it breaks up relationship because they can’t or don’t want to buy useless things for their other half. For example, a couple last year broke up the day before Valentine’s Day because they didn’t want to buy gifts for each other.

People get the courage to ask out one another just to be shut down in some cases and now they are heart broken and broke. It stresses people out worrying last minute about what type of chocolate to get.

If you are in a steady relationship then you and your significant other should be showing each other affection year round, not just one day in particular. It’s fair to think that sometimes people just want the excuse to be extra romantic and go all out for their partner; however, for those of us who aren’t it just forces us to endure a school day maneuvering through balloons in the hallway, which can seem unnecessary.