Ms. Moe Celebrates College Bound Seniors

As the school year comes to a close, many seniors are looking forward to graduation and some have already been accepted into the colleges of their choice. Outside Ms. Moe’s office, a wall exhibiting college acceptance letters gives these students an opportunity to have pride in their achievements.

“I wanted seniors to be able to show off their proud accomplishment,” said Ms. Moe, who created the wall.

The wall currently has 15 letters including Ms. Moe’s student aides, period 1 students, and just like before, AVID students. Ms. Moe hopes the wall will inspire other students to achieve their goals.

“It’s there to motivate other seniors to get their college applications in,” said Ms. Moe.

In previous years, the wall was exclusively for Ms. Moe’s AVID students. This year, however, any senior can get their letter up. In order to receive a spot on the wall, a student has to make a copy of their acceptance letter and give it to Ms. Moe. She expects more letters to be put up later on.