Rowdy Rousey Returns

Rowdy Rousey Returns

Haley Hinkofer, Staff Writer

Ronda Rousey, one of the UFC most well known fighters, will return to the octagon on December 30th. As soon as I found this out I admittedly started reading Rousey’s book, “My Fight/Your Fight,” once again for the fiftieth time. I’m a HUGE Rousey fan and I’m already on page 83 in her book because I’m excited for her return.

Rousey has not fought since last November when she suffered her first lost in her professional UFC career against Holly Holm. Watching this fight I was in complete shock. I couldn’t believe what was unfolding on my television was actually happening in real life. Not only did she lose, but she got knocked out by Holm. Since this fight she has been laying low, still training but not in the eye of the public.

UFC president, Dana White, announced her attempt to reclaim her bantamweight championship against Amande Nunes at UFC 207 in Las Vegas. Nunes vs Rousey fight will be the main event, and I’ll be up all night long waiting for this fight to unfold. I already started pestering my parents about going to Las Vegas to see the fight in person. So far they have laughed and rolled their eyes at this idea, but I still got a couple months to drill this idea into their heads.

There are already tons of media attention and hype surrounding this fight. Many people are wondering what will be Rousey’s next step following the fight if she reclaims her championship back. Cris “Cyborg” Justino has been wanting to fight Rousey ever since female UFC started. Justino and Rousey are in two different weight classes in the UFC. Rousey has said she would fight Justino on numerous occasions, only if she comes down to the 135 fight class. This it all talk and speculation of course, because before anything Rousey needs to defeated Nunes and reclaim her championship.

I’m checking the UFC website everyday waiting until I can buy the paper view fight and I already have marked December 30th on every calendar I own. You can buy the fight on your television or on the UFC website, once the fight date becomes closer.