It’s Okay to Not Be Okay


Randi Goldman

This photo was illustrated by Jessa Lopez.

Randi Goldman, Staff Writer

The other day, one of my friends was sad. No reason. She was just feeing sad that day. But when an acquaintance told her she shouldn’t be sad because of the material things she has, I was upset. Many people go through phases where they are sad or depressed, and it’s only human to be sad. Being sad and having feelings and emotions is part of what makes a person “human.” However, sometimes society makes it hard for people to feel like their sadness is justified. People are constantly shamed by other people for being sad or unhappy.

People fail to realize that other people’s sadness is valid too. Just because a person may be in a worse situation does not mean that someone else should not be sad.  It’s okay to be sad, even if your sadness is over something that may be seen as something overrated. Other people being in worse situations does not invalidate another person’s  situation.

It is not uncommon to hear people say things like, “you have no reason to be sad”, “you get everything you want”, or “at least you have…” Just because someone has something that another person does not have has no relation to sadness. People can be sad for very different reasons and saying that they shouldn’t be sad because they have whatever they have does not even make sense in some situations. A person can say something like,” at least you have a nice family, and food on your table.” If you’re unhappy with the way you look or how relationships/friendships are working out for you, it makes no sense to say “well at least you have…”. It has no relation to why you’re sad. People do not have the right to say your feelings do not matter because hey, at leas you have food. Well, It’s great I have for but I’m unhappy with myself.

The truth is, no one has the right to say you have no reason to be unhappy. Your sadness is valid, and you should not let other people’s opinions make you feel guilty for being sad.