My Top 5 Christmas Movies

Jessa Lopez, Staff Writer

Christmas day is just around the corner and “tis the season to be jolly” indeed! Surely, most of us are busy getting gifts, setting up that christmas tree and holiday socks in our house. But, let’s stop and go back to classic christmas movies that amplify our christmas spirit and would love to watch countless of times. Here are the top five christmas movies that should be on everyone’s list this month!

1.) Elf: This fantasy/comedy classic is full of surprises and christmas spirit. Buddy couldn’t shake the feeling that he is different from the other elves and so, he travels from the North Pole to New York in search of his real father. This is my family’s most favorite holiday movie, we’ve watched this countless of times and we laughed the same every time. My family enjoyed Buddy’s silliness, innocence and also the Christmas songs. This movie is just plain hilarious and a great way to spend time with family.

2.) A Charlie Brown Christmas: This Christmas classic movie is brought by Charlie Brown and his gang. Charlie Brown decides to direct a Christmas play to understand what Christmas is all about and which is suggested by Lucy. My siblings love cartoons and so, we enjoyed watching this movie so much. We felt so bad for Charlie Brown and literally yelling at those mean kids as if they can hear us. The end of the movie was our favorite because that is when the true meaning of Christmas shows it magic presence.

3.) Polar Express: This film is about a boy who lived near train tracks and awoken to the sound of a train named Polar Express that is about to depart for the North Pole. My little brother loved this movie and wanted to aboard that magical train too just like every children who have seen this. But, my mom just looked at him like he was crazy and told him to be quiet and just watch. On the other hand, my dad was no help as he fell asleep throughout the entire movie. This movie will rekindle your Christmas spirit and tells you to continue believing in Christmas and the magic that comes with it.

4.) Home Alone: This classic comedy film is a hilarious story about a boy, Kevin, who was accidentally left behind while his family went on a vacation to Paris. I was in the Philippines when I saw this movie and my family and I were horrified at first because a kid was left by himself in his house. Throughout the movie, my mom was shaking her head mumbling something about child neglect. This hysterical and heartwarming movie is perfect for the whole family to gather in living room while sipping on hot cocoa. This movie is definitely a christmas classic.

5.) The Grinch: This film is about the Grinch, who hates everything about Christmas. This green being terrified me at first and I hated him so much. However, after learning about his tragic past, I wanted everyone to know the Grinch is someone much more than his false animosity. He reminds me of my Uncle and I should encourage him to watch this movie. My family hated the Grinch and they were literally throwing popcorn on the screen when he stole the Christmas presents. But, at the end they cheered him on while making me clean their mess at the end.