Giant-Size X-Men: Storm #1

Giant-Size X-Men: Storm #1 Cover by Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson is the introduction of a superhero who can control weather.

Giant-Size X-Men: Storm #1 showcases the popular Marvel character, Storm, and how a raging techno-organic virus could be the death of her.

Written by Jonathan Hickman with artwork by Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson, this issue is a wonderful read with captivating art by some of Marvel’s best contributors. 

Storm is known to be a powerful member of the X-Men in the Marvel universe. She was born Ororo Munroe in Manhattan, New York to a Kenyan princess and an American photojournalist. She was briefly raised in Manhattan, before her family had to relocate to Cairo, Egypt due to a job opportunity her father received. When her parents died, Ororo had to fend for herself on the streets of Cairo. She stole money and food to survive until she was a teenager. After a few tough years in the city, and a decision that thievery was not a suitable life for her, she went on a journey southward to Kenya, her mother’s homeland.

Along her journey, she was noticed by the founder of the X-Men- Charles Xavier, or Professor X. She was recruited to join the X-Men and given a codename that fit her abilities: Storm. She has proved herself to be a formidable member and leader of the group. Storm has the power to manipulate the weather – causing massive thunderstorms, surging tsunamis, livid winds, and much more. This is done by controlling Earth’s electromagnetic field, forcing tectonic plates to move, and commanding the water cycle.  

In this issue, Storm is infected by a techno-organic virus after battling an enemy named the Children of the Vault; they are an organization of evolved humans who intend to kill all humans and mutants. During their battle with the X-Men, they implant a bomb inside Storm’s brain, which caused the deadly virus.

If a cure is not found, Storm will die within a month. Telepaths Jean Grey and Emma Frost attempt to comfort her, when Monet St. Croix, a mutant with superhuman physiology, appears and believes she has found a cure. They have to enter a portal to “The World” – a laboratory where dangerous weapons are created.

Storm and Monet, along with Fantomex, a human infused with technology; Ned, a scientist Fantomex bribed to enter The World; and Cypher, a cybernetically enhanced member of the New Mutants, enter the portal to The World. Almost immediately stepping out of the portal, the team is faced with terrifying creatures attempting to block their path. They fight their way through all of the beasts, giving Storm time to fly up to the top of a building in The World; she expertly uses energy in The World’s environment to shock and ultimately destroy the virus inside her.  

The issue ends with Fantomex and Ned choosing to reside in The World, while the rest of the group return to the real world.

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