Raiders At Their Best


The JROTC class this year has many wonderful things about it, including its Raiders team. The Raiders team is a team that learns many special abilities like shooting, strategy, and much more. A big Raiders competition that had to do with many physical trials that’s all compacted into one big competition was held in Fort Pierce recently.The Santaluces Raiders team had to go against many other teams such as Atlantic and Port Saint Lucie while trying to come back with a couple of medals to show for their hard work.

“When I was thinking about the competition against the other teams, I was kind of nervous but I knew that since we trained for quite a while, we’ll come back with a couple of medals,” said Arreizel Caraballo, a freshman.

There was the obstacle course that tested strategy, reflex timing and precision. They also dealt with the liter carry which had to deal with carrying sandbags and traveling with them to a certain point or location.

“The trials were tough,” said freshman Ian Sorensen. “Don’t get me wrong, we trained for it yes, but when you realize you’re going against other teams that you’ve never seen trained or practice you’re going to get a bit nervous on their strategy.”

The team participated in a three mile run that made the students depend on each other to finish before the other teams did. They had to deal with timing, trust, and stamina.

“It was pretty challenging,” said sophomore Quincy Thelusme. “It was real nice, but I can’t say it was easy, especially the run.”

The team finished by winning two second place medals and one first place medal.


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