Spoiler Alert!: Naruto Shippuden

WARNING- This post contains huge spoilers and can ruin the series for you, proceed with caution. The post is also written as if you already know the characters and may not go into detail on the main characters.  You have been warned.

Following the events of defeating Danzo, Sasuke turns his attention to destroying the Hidden Leaf Village.  For those who don’t know, Danzo was supposed to be the sixth Hokage (Which we all know belonged to Naruto).  The self-proclamed “Madara Uchiha” accompanies Sasuke while he becomes adjusted to Itachi’s eyes.  Showing him the way of the Mangekyo Sharingan while also in pursuit for Nagato’s Rinnegan himself, Sasuke still becomes obsessed with reclaiming the honor of the Uchiha.

With the world on the brink of war, the Five Kage assemble in what they called the Five Kage Summit.  With each leader making an appearance to talk about the sudden rising of the Akatsuki, the five nations still wonder how they could trust each other and cooperate as a unit.  After several minutes of arguing between four of the Kages, the quiet one finally speaks.  Gaara, the Kazekage of the Sand Village happens to be the youngest and the most inexperienced of the other 4 and decides to share his opinion.  He shares his interests with the other Kage and claims that they are no longer Hidden Leaf, Sand, Wind, or Rain.  But they are simply “Ninja.”

Upon the acceptance of Gaara’s idea, the Kage’s change the headbands of all of their people. What was once Leaf, Sand, Wind, or Rain, is now just Ninja. Even though the nations still feel despite towards their counterparts, they still fight as a unit.  The Kazekage stands before the newly formed army and claims that even though he is not experienced and people may trust in his ability because he is young, he will need their strength.  This instantly sparks friendship between not only the army but the other Kage themselves.

After “Madara” summons the Geto Statue, which is what’s used to seal all the tailed-beasts and their Jinchuriki. The Ninja Alliance stands tall and succeeds in stopping the Geto Statue with a flurry of attacks.  “Madara” is forced to retreat and looks forward to his next step in his master plan.

Kabuto feels the betrayal of “Madara” coming, so he decides to play his trump card.  After the winds of war have calmed a new and more powerful opponent rushes to the field.  Holding not only the Rinnegan and Sharingan, but the chakra of the 1st Hokage himself. The real Madara Uchiha makes an appearance.

This now turns the attention to the fake, which everyone resumes to call “Tobi.” By this time Tobi has denounced the need for names because the time has come for his end game.  Naruto and Bee confront Tobi and as he explains what he plans to do with the world, he is also busy summoning the other 6 Jinchuriki to do his bidding.  Naruto and Bee fight off the Jinchuriki, and in no means is this feat an easy one.

During the middle of the fight, Naruto is knocked down and is taken out of his newly aquired Nine-Tails mode.  The Chakra from the Nine-Tails has run out and Naruto is lost and not sure of what his next step of approach is.  The Nine-Tails decides to speak to Naruto, and confesses that he appreciates what Naruto is doing, and that he admires his heart.  Naruto tells the Nine-Tails that he wants to help save all the Jinchuriki and their tailed-beasts. After meeting in the conscience of the other Jinchuriki and learning the names of the tailed beasts, Naruto realizes that they just want to be loved.  Naruto tries to show his trust for the Nine-Tails by ripping the seal completely off and giving the Nine-Tails the opportunity to escape.  He confesses that he’s always wanted to befriend Naruto and that he is holding back the most powerful portion of his chakra. Naruto calls the Nine-tails by his name, Kurama.

This results in Kurama and Naruto having their first, “Tailed-Beast mode” where the Jinchuriki and the Tailed-Beast are in unison when it comes to chakra levels.

Naruto prepares for the fight of his life, and possibly everyone else’s.  The world as they know it is decided on the battle, and with the Alliance rapidly depleting in numbers it may not be long before the war is over.  Everyone turns to Naruto as their savior and even he himself doesn’t believe that he can get it done.  Sasuke is slowly learning the truth, and we as readers still don’t know everything, hopefully we will.