The Flash #763

The Flash #763 variant cover art by Inhyuk Lee.

Zooming through Central City in a scarlet red suit with yellow lightning bolts following him, the Flash is known to be “the fastest man alive”.

Barry Allen was born and raised in Central City; his parents were amidst filing for a divorce, causing a straining relationship with both of his parents, Nora and Henry. Coming back from his school’s spelling bee (which he won), Barry finds his mother dead in their home. His father Henry was quickly arrested for murdering his mother, yet Henry always attempted to prove his innocence. 

Wanting to get his father out of jail and reunite, Barry pursued a career in forensics and eventually landed a job with the Central City Police Department as a forensic scientist. He went through years of trying to prove his father’s innocence; however, due to the mental exhaustion of being in prison, his father admitted to killing his mother. 

Frustrated and angry at his efforts have gone to waste, he almost destroyed his lab. While holding some chemicals, a bolt of lightning zaps Barry through a window; at the same exact moment, the chemicals spilled on him. 

Waking up from a four-month coma, Barry had the powers of super speed and wanted to use his powers for good in Central City. 

The Flash #763 is written by Kevin Shinik with intricate artwork by Clayton Henry, and cover art by Marcelo Miaolo. 

In this issue, the Flash loses his ring that contains his suit. The Flash uses special technology to compress the suit into his ring; when he needs to stop a crime, he taps into the Speed Force to put on his suit. 

Barry and his partner Iris decided to spend the day at “Central City’s #1 Farmer’s Market”. As the two stroll through the market, he is distracted by his work, but Iris reminds him to relax for the day. Following her advice, he asks if she wants to make a pizza together, to which Iris replies that no pizza will beat what they ate in New York. 

Deciding to race to New York and get their favorite pizza (being the Flash has its perks), he stops at a secure location only to find out his everyday clothes are shredded and burnt and his suit is not on. He quickly realizes that he lost his ring that holds his suit. 

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