The King of the Seven Seas: Aquaman

Aquaman #0 cover art illustrates Aquaman holding the Trident of Neptune while jumping out of a comic book page by Joe Prado, Ivan Reis, and Rod Reis.

Arthur Curry is the son of Queen Atlanna of the oceanic continent Atlantis. His father Thomas Curry was a lighthouse keeper who lived along the shore. Queen Atlanna met Thomas after saving him as his ship was destroyed during a strong and powerful storm. The two fell in love and developed a relationship.

Atlanna found out she was pregnant and wanted to remain on the surface where her new family resided and asked the royalty of Atlantis to stay on land. She was imprisoned but able to escape and gave birth to Arthur Curry, the future king of the Seven Seas. 

Unfortunately, Atlanna had to leave her family to protect Thomas and Arthur from dangerous Atlanteans and resume her duties as the queen of Atlantis. She was forced into a marriage with the captain of the royal Atlantean guard due to her trouble on land and gave birth to a son named Orm. 

Arthur grew up feeling isolated from others on land but found peace within the oceans. An Atlantean royal advisor named Vulko found Arthur and brought the terrible news that his mother was murdered and Atlantis needed a king to rule once again. 

Not wanting to be king he let his half-brother Orm, also known as Ocean Master become the king as long as he did not invade the surface world. Orm broke his promise and declared war on the surface world. 

After a long and tiring battle, Orm was defeated and Arthur became the new king and took on the name Aquaman. 

He also found the Trident of Neptune, an ancient Atlantean artifact that became his primary weapon when fighting enemies.

He is also a member of the Justice League alongside other famous heroes such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Flash, and Cyborg. 

Aquaman has been ridiculed over the years due to his “lame” powers, but he has proven that he is a formidable opponent; he has superhuman physiology allowing him super strength, accelerated healing, and enhanced senses. His most notable ability is commanding all of the marine life in the oceans which gives him the upper hand when it comes to numbers. 

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