What are Holidays?

As time goes on, the meaning of events are forgotten. Now, instead of being a day to remember important events, it’s all about where optimal discounts are. A holiday, to most, is seen as a day off and a day to go and get discounts.

When the definition of holiday is searched, most of them would say that it’s a vacation, or a day off from work or school. Finding a modern definition about remembering an event or religious activity is hard to find. When there is a holiday in school, we sometimes don’t even know why we have them. Most of the time we think its just another “teacher work day” until we have returned to school or gone on some type of social media. Over time, the meaning of holidays change for people.

“A holiday to me is a free day to just chill and eat, no homework,” said junior Maria Villanueva. “Usually I don’t know why there isn’t any school but if ever a holiday concerns me then I do know, like Catholic holidays.”

Whenever there is a holiday there are discounts in every store, thus becoming another reason why to forget the meaning of holidays. An example is Black Friday, in which millions of people go to the stores early in the morning, to catch the best deals right after Thanksgiving. Some people don’t even wake up early in the morning, but when there are discounts, they will. Now, instead of having a memorable day with the family, one is thinking about what we are going to buy once the time is right.

“Now it’s all about shopping and not about spending time with the family,” said freshman Adrian Gutierrez. “Definitely sales intervene when I’m spending time with my family because all I’m thinking about is ‘where’s the next big sale?’”

To me, it seems as if certain holidays aren’t that important, and that the only important ones are the ones where we benefit, and not have just a day off.