Opening Night of the Little Mermaid is a Success


The Tomahawk Theatre Company performed their Thursday showing of The Little Mermaid Jr. at 7:30 PM.

There are three more showings of the show.

Even for those who are not fans of Little Mermaid, I would recommend you go see it just to see the stunning, dedicated, and hilarious performances of the budding actors and actresses, namely seniors Danyele James, playing the role of Sebastian, and Carlos Rivera, playing the role of the Chef.

Rivera made me fall in love with a character I had hated since childhood: the seafood-oppressed chef desperate to kill, cook, and serve Ariel’s loyal companion. James opened her mouth and became what felt like an embodiment of the lovable crustacean and felt myself almost starstruck while talking to her after the show, like a little girl meeting her favorite Disney princess in the Magic Kingdom.

When the two were on the stage together, I, along with the rest of the audience, smiled and laughed and I felt the nostalgia and giddy joy one can only get from a strong dose of Disney magic. This feeling is that every group of performers wish to bestow upon their audience and, in that respect, they excelled. Therefore, the few forgotten lines, occasional feedback from the microphones, and missed cues didn’t hinder the opening night’s success