Last Year, in a New School

Last Year, in a New School

Between the new scenery, the new faces, and the new classes, switching to a new school during your senior year can be a double-edged sword. The school that I went to previously was Park Vista Community High School, a school which rumors praise as paradise, but it is far from it.  For me, it was filled with drama, disrespect, and too many students.  My new school, Santaluces High School, was a bit strange at first. It has significantly less students than Park Vista, which helps a lot when it comes to being able to eat at lunch and not have to wait in a DMV sized line. I have also seen something that I thought was extinct in this day and age .… hospitality.

Within the first week of enrollment, I have made more friends in this new school than a whole year at the last one. People actually greet you, instead of staring you down like a piece of meat, which in return makes you become more social.

At Park Vista, no matter what your grades are, they pick students on a first come first serve basis. I only received one honors course out of all the hard work that I put in.  That can be frustrating to the point where you feel like there isn’t a point in trying.  On the other hand, Santaluces has given me three honors courses and a reason to want to wake up for school.

Now the double-edged part of transferring as a senior is you have been preparing for a certain school’s homecoming, prom, and graduation.  All that preparation was for nothing when you switch because different school, different dates!  I have to switch my whole schedule around now just to attend any event.  Another default of switching schools would be that all the homework, projects, and classwork that you did prior to the switch doesn’t matter if you never finished a marking period. Those three weeks of work that sucked up all of my free time was nothing more than a tease for my cerebral cortex.  Now out of all the negatives and positives of switching, I guess it really comes down to what school you were in before and what school you’re switching to. Luckily, I was able to switch to an understanding, calming, and all around awesome school: Santaluces.

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